Smooth ‘n’ Groovin’ Mobile DJ Services

Experienced Mobile DJ Services based in Slough

Meet the DJ behind the decks at Smooth ‘n’ Groovin’….

Paul has over 40 years of music collecting and DJing experience. He held his first mobile disco event when he was still at school (a very long time ago!).

During the 1980s he was a nightclub DJ, and so a large portion of his music is from this period. If you are perhaps looking for a DJ who specialises in 70s and 80s jazz funk and soul music, then Paul has a very good knowledge of club music from this time.

Paul has been mixing to a pro standard since the days when it was a brand new phenomenon in the UK, starting out on vinyl, progressing to CDs and on to the latest digital media files.

Paul owns many thousands of vinyl and CD singles and albums, which have been lovingly collected since he was a youngster. When hiring Smooth ‘n’ Groovin’ to provide music for your event, any of the tracks in this very large collection, which spans many decades and genres, will be available for you and your guests to enjoy.

We suggest that prior to the event you supply Paul with a list of your favourite songs, along with any your guests may wish to hear. This helps to ensure we have the songs you require, and also gives us an idea of your musical tastes, enabling us to tailor the event to your exact requirements. Of course there may also be songs you do not wish to hear, and we will be glad to accept a list from you in advance.